The challenge of pollutants of emerging concern in water

In recent years, there is a growing interest in research and development on emerging micropollutants associated with water including wastewater, surface and ground water. The list of contaminants in the urban water cycle is being broadened continuously with more chemicals such as microplastics, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, endocrine disrupting compounds, pesticides, etc. Moreover, effects such as antibiotic resistance are nowadays of high concern.

The 12th Micropol and Ecohazard Conference in Santiago de Compostela has been conceived as an international forum for discussion on the state of the art in scientific development and technical solutions concerning emerging pollutant emission, treatment and effects.

The conference combines more traditional topics such as treatment at the source, monitoring &analysis, fate & behavior during wastewater and sludge treatment, environmental & risk assessment,monitoring & control, and prioritization/regulation & public acceptance, with more innovative themesas biotransformation mechanisms, fate of nanoparticles, antibiotic resistance or microplastics innatural as well as engineered environments.

With this conference program we expect to attract leading water professionalsfrom all over the world.

Reasons for sponsorship

  1. Meet the leading institutions worldwide involved in the delivery of innovative and sustainablesolutions for an efficient management of pollutants of emerging concern.
  2. Connect with recognized experts related to the water sector, and network with over 300delegates and visitors from over 40 countries worldwide.
  3. Highlight your company as a leading entity in this sector and take advantage of a wide rangeof networking and partnership building opportunities during the event by exhibiting at theworld’s premier water event in this field.
  4. The International Water Association is a trusted professional association with an excellentreputation and track record for supporting high-profile international events around the world.
  5. IWA is promoting this event to its worldwide network of more than 80,000 waterprofessionals. The organisers will complement the event dissemination through multiplecommunications channels, including digital channels and international, regional and localmedia.

The 6 previous editions (since 2009)

Sponsorship and Exhibition opportunities for Micropol 2022

1 Platinum, 3 Gold as well as Silver and Exhibitor sponsorships are available, including all of them theprinting of its logotype in the program book.

The sponsor has the possibility of handing out promotional material during the event, being these costsassumed by the company.

Interest raised by Micropol 2022

It’s a great pleasure for the organizing and scientific committee chairs to confirm that after the oneyear postponement of the Micropol & Ecohazard Conference, we could still raise the interest of animportant number of researchers working in this field.

We have received 302 papers, from which 210 have applied for oral presentation. Authors from 40countries distributed among 6 continents have participated in the paper submission, with a verystrong concurrence in Europe, Brazil and Korea.

The two topics that raised the highest interest are related to the technical solutions for wastewaterand sludge treatment, as well as to the sources, occurrence and fate of micropollutants in realenvironments. It’s interesting to confirm how topics that have emerged very recently, as theoccurrence, fate and effects of microplastics, have already reached a strong presence in theConference.

Programme at a glance